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Take a Look at Training in Action

Take a Look at Training in Action

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Two incredible dog-training experts founded Carolina Canine Consulting in 2017. The goal was simple, to provide a high quality, professional dog training experience for both the animal and the owner. We’re passionate about our work, using all of our experience to create a program that combines an incredible behavioral foundation with real world experience and follow-up training for your dog’s human. The problem isn’t attitude, it’s that you lack clear canine communication, and we can help you fix that.

One of the biggest challenges for a dog owner is communication. The barriers to communication that exist between dogs and their owners account for a large part of misbehavior. At Carolina Canine Consulting, our team of experts provides one-on-one training rooted in real world situations to help bridge that communication gap. This helps owners better understand and appreciate their pet, while opening the door for the dog to better understand their owner’s commands. What we want for you and your dog is simple, to improve the human-canine bond and help you both enjoy each other for years to come.

We are very pleased with our experience with Carolina Canine Consulting. Patrick and Rebekah came to Charleston to scoop up our two dogs, aged 11 and 6, in October. Our biggest fear was that they would come back different somehow. We didn't want them to lose their personalities and we were worried about the 11 year old being too old and stubborn to be willing to learn anything new. We also we worried they would feel abandoned or be mad at us for sending them away. However, when they came home two weeks later they were still our boys, just well behaved, and throughout that time we were able to check in on them via text or YouTube. Nothing was better than getting a picture of our dog snuggled up on the couch with Patrick just like he would be doing at home 🙂 They genuinely love dogs and cared for our boys like they were their own. Our 11 year old is a runner, if he sees a way out he will take it, so being able to ask him to "Come" and have him actually do it has been shocking. We practice "Place" outdoors, or indoors with the doors open, and he will stay put, which we never dreamed was possible. They both had a bad case of pulling on the leash and we go on so many more walks together now that they are so great on leash! We take them to Lowe's and dog-friendly restaurants now, which is something we would have never done before. No training program is magic. You have to be willing to put in the work and stay consistent once your dogs get home, but if you do, Patrick and Rebekah will make sure your dogs are prepared to hold up their end of the bargain. They do follow up visits and are great about staying in touch and checking in. Being able to meet up with them for an occasional touch-up is an awesome benefit. We are so grateful to Carolina Canine Consulting for the additional time we are able to spend with our dogs , and all the new places we are now able to go. Thank you both!!
Jessica Fletcher
22:54 27 Jan 20
They helped out tremendously! They made it so that we could love our dog even more and communicate in a clear way with our dog. They are the beat trainers around and very good people! I recommend them to anyone I talk to. I couldn’t imagine the life I would have with my dog without them. Truly incredible!
Christian Dad
00:05 19 Jan 20
First class dog training professionals. Patrick does a great job with the initial trading session... but what really wins me over is his service after the sale. Two years after he trained our dog, he still stays in touch and helps our family stay connected with our dogs needs. What a real asset. Thanks Patrick.
Randolph Stafford
01:56 26 Dec 19
We had two young Springer Spaniels attend boot camp and then a refresher. We interviewed multiple trainers and chose CCC because they a clear plan and evidenced real understanding of the needs of each of our dogs. We missed them while they were in-home training, but Patrick sent us frequent videos, photos, and updates on their progress. They came back as better companions and family members. Great program!
Pat Sullivan
23:00 23 Dec 19
Patrick and Rebekah are absolutely amazing! I cannot say enough good things about them. Our dog Chuck went through their training program in 2017 and they recently welcomed him back with open arms for a refresher while we were on vacation. The best of the best!
Chelsey Harper
13:25 21 Dec 19