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All dog training programs are performed one-on-one to ensure you get the attention you and your dog require. We have a diverse dog training background and can offer other services in tracking, protection, scent detection and more! There is no one size fits all approach to dog training and we'd be more than happy to customize a training plan for you and your dog. We train in both Greenvile and Charleston, SC.

Board and Train

More than your average board and train, the experience of a lifetime! This is our most popular program.

The board and train experience with Carolina Canine Consulting is incredibly unique. From day one, your dog is immersed in a structured environment where house manners and basic obedience can be established. Training is taken to the next level with real-world excursions where skills are put to the ultimate test. Each dog receives an optimal balance of training, exercise, socialization, and rest. After the program is completed, your dog will be able to perform sit, down, come, heel, place and kennel, all on and off-leash, in even the most distracting environments. We can also address behavioral issues during this program.

Private Sessions

This plan is customized to fit your dog’s needs and help you achieve specific training goals. It involves one-on-one instruction and problem solving. Sessions can be held at your home, out in public, or a combination of both.

A Day in the Life

Jada is ready to learn! Welcome to the program!
Say hello to Roxy! We are looking forward to working with her in our board & train program!
Please welcome Ziggy to our board & train program!
These three will be graduating soon!
Spring is here!!!
Spring is coming!
Due to the current state of the economy, we are now offering a $500 discount off of our board and train program. Please reach out to us for details!
Due to the current state of the economy, we are now offering a $500 discount off of our board and train program. Please reach out to us for details!

Our Team

We are a small group of passionate trainers with over 30 years of combined experience in obedience, tracking, scent work, protection, behavioral modification and rehabilitation and more.





Happy Clients

Testimonials from our clients who have partnered with us to develop a better relationship with their dogs through training! Read more dog training reviews here!

Lauren Morelli

This training program was life changing! Our dog, Bandit, just completed the two week board and train program and we have nothing but positive things to say about it. Both Mark and Patrick have been wonderful throughout this entire process.

Buddy Dane

Two weeks later, Mark and Patrick showed back up to my house at a time that was convenient for me, and I was absolutely amazed. Buster was PROUD. He was prancing around my yard standing tall, eager to show off his skills. I was absolutely floored at the results.

Theresa Stewart

We were completely shocked to see her transformation in that short period of time. If we had any issues or questions, they were always available. Friends and family have since stopped by and cannot believe how well behaved she is now.

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We offer training services in Greenville, SC, as well as Charleston, SC and surrounding areas.

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